Lafayette College: the Good Old “Bait & Switch”

Submitted by a Concerned Citizen Lafayette College: the good old “Bait & Switch” Lafayette College hasn’t torn down any historic buildings lately, but it continues to show its lack of respect for its College Hill neighbors. When it was...

Thinking Outside The Blocks: by Antonia Mitman

In the past twelve months, many planning meetings have been held among Easton’s numerous elected and appointed officials and private investors. Normally that should lead to the right projects for our city. During this public process, countless...

Letter to Northampton County Council: Please Prioritize Safety

By Terrance Hand, Easton Firefighter and City ResidentSubmitted to Northampton County Council May 7, 2020 Easton, PA – Last night I watched the Northampton County Council meeting because I was concerned by news of the County Executive’s plans...

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