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Easton Zoning Changes Remain in Flux

An Easton City Council Public Hearing on Wednesday, June 10, will attempt to bring some clarity to the City’s increasingly convoluted efforts to revise its zoning ordinance. Last November, the City proposed a new ordinance that would radically reshape it,…

After 268 Years, America’s Oldest, Continuously Operating Open-air Farmers’ Market Doesn’t Stop for COVID19

Photo of Easton Farmers Market Vendor on Opening Day 2020 set up at Scott park, Easton PA
“Since it was established in 1752, our market has survived world wars, the Civil War and the 1918 pandemic,” said Easton Market District Director Megan McBride. “If the market’s history and staying power have taught us anything, it’s tenacity. No matter what, there will be an Easton Farmers’ Market. Yes, it’s going to be different this year, but there will be a market.”

Historic Conservation District proposed for the West Ward

Map of Easton Pa highlighting the West Ward
Historic Conservation Districts (HCDs) are similar to National Register Historic Districts in that they are intended primarily to preserve the quality of life in neighborhoods by protecting historic buildings and affordable housing, promoting good design of new and existing structures, and encouraging adaptive reuse. But there is one important difference: HCDs are written and controlled entirely on the local level: red tape and construction requirements and construction costs are reduced compared to Federally-guided National Register districts, and standards are created by and for the people who will use them rather than Washington, DC.

Wolf Administration Launches KinConnector Helpline

Kinconnector hotline

The Wolf Administration has launched a helpline for Grandparents raising grandchildren. The KinConnector helpline can help families access local, state, and federal resources. Kinship Navigators will connect grandparents and other relatives who are raising children with resources such as health,…

This is Why I Live in Easton

Karl Stirner's Studio in Easton
They flee from New York City and elsewhere, because they found a warehouse building at a price they couldn’t pass up. Or because Easton reminds them of a place they once knew, long ago and far away. Maybe it’s because their friend Karl Stirner convinced them to come. Or because of its historic charm and the opportunity to create art in seeming anonymity.